Web and native apps that make life meaningful

An honest app for conscious dating via voice



The Voices of two in one tune

CloudOne is most effortless way to get access to all your cloud storages in one place.


Cloud storage aggregator

A new product in the field of investment and analytics.


Investment tool

The most effortless way to move your business online.



The easiest way to move your business online

Service for sales and customer support in messengers.


Sales management

All-in-one CRM and sales automation tool that makes it easy to manage things.

Simple CRM

CRM system

Development of an image site for video production studio. Minimalistic design. Responsive & multilingual.



Video production Studio

Record and track COVID-19 sounds and symptoms over time.

Corona Cough

Corona Cough

Prevention of COVID-19

Uber-like platform where users can solve smartphone & computer problems anytime



Solve computer problems anytime, anywhere

Stay in touch with leads, know who to call when, manage your sales team’s calls.

Call Center

Communication and management

Blockio is a service for getting API access to multiple blockchains: Bitcoin, Ethereum, BNB Smart Chain (Binance Smart Chain), etc.


Blockchain API accessor

We collect detailed ore fragments distribution statistics including various characteristics like size, square and diameter using computer vision methods.


Ore Analytics for Mining Industry Optimization

We use computer vision methods to detect and count the number of pipes in vehicles/warehouses. It is also possible to count other objects such as anchors, logs, etc.

Pipes counting

Improved Logistics through Pipes (or other objects) Counting

Employees are the most valuable asset a company has. One of the most important tasks for enterprise is to provide a high level of safety in the workplace for employees.

Industrial safety

Computer Vision Methods for ESG Principles and Employees’ Safety

We developed a solution based on computer vision methods that recognizes the readings of metering devices and sensors in order to connect them to the IoT 4.0 system.

Analog sensors recognition

Digitization of Analog Equipment: Moving to Industry 4.0

Flotation is used to extract non-ferrous metals from the rock.


Flotation optimization solution