How It Works

You will understand what our development is based on and how we create the product.


We use our 8+ team and personal experience creating successful products and startups. Some reviews are available on Clutch


We choose certain technologies, proven by experience and time, to develop a specific product. Read more about the technologies here


We apply Lean Startup and Scrum methodologies: create and launch an MVP; run A/B tests; get feedback from real users; iteratively improve the product; turn the MVP into a full-fledged product. At all stages of development, we prioritize tasks and move in 1-2 week Sprints to deliver the completed product to end users in a short time frame


Use Notion, Asana or Jira task managers for collaborative communication and task tracking. Meet at Daily Scrum Meetings for development transparency. We actively communicate in shared messenger chats and via email.