Team’s culture

Motivation is the engine of progress

Always be honest with yourself and your team

Always express / suggest your ideas and thoughts.
Be competentin a particular issue. You can always communicate on equal terms with any of the team and express / discuss your point of view

Respect yourself and the rest of the team, do not belittle anyone, do not offend, do not be arrogant, and be respectable and friendly

Be progressive, learn everything new that can be usefully appliedin creating a product and in the successful development of a team. Share your knowledge with the rest of the team. Confirm what you learned with links to the source.

If necessary, help a colleague and / or other team members. Become a mentor for the youngest to strengthen the team as a whole

Work comfortably anywhere, anytime, but so that it does not interfere with the fulfillment of the team’s goals and achievementof the team’s plans

Be persistent and motivated, do not give up halfway, do everything so that you and the team win and become successful

Exercise, eat right, get enough sleep, and travel